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99,5% of operating rate for the Infotraffic System TV solutions last year !
The 21/01/2021 by Infotraffic .
Infotraffic is ready to start the new year! Strengthened by the recruitment of one new technician, the support team is ready to take over 2022 and keep that 99,5% operating rate all year long. With more than 500 Infotraffic System TV players installed all over North America a...
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Infotraffic became Infotraffic Airline…
The 17/12/2021 by Infotraffic .
Well, almost! Always in close relation with our partner, Kowee, we now adresse the Italian airline market. That well-kept secret for months can now be revealed. The power of data, combined with digital display technologies has been deployed for the first time in the most ancient...
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Indigo renew it’s reliance to Infotraffic
The 12/11/2021 by Infotraffic .
Since 2016, Infotraffic and Indigo have been working together on the implementation of Dynamic Pricing in their parking lot. That 5 years partnership has been renewed with the worldwide leader of the parking industry. Thus the company will continue to deploy digital display solu...
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Do you know the news feed powered by Infotraffic in partnership with Reuters ?
The 12/09/2021 by Infotraffic .
Infotraffic partnered with Reuters Agency, largest news agencies in the world, to power a live stream of news feed on your Infotraffic solutions. Various topics can be selected such as “sports”, “sciences” or financial news. Created with a meaningful header, an HD photo and fac...
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2021 edition of the New-England Parking Council
The 18/08/2021 by Infotraffic .
From the 6th to the 9th of August, when the mercury level was at its highest, some of us were on summer breaks but few did not stop. Philippe Perut, our representative in New-England, was one of the few. He represented us during the NEPC annual show. Such gatherings always brin...
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First show and exhibition in Ohio for Infotraffic’s Totem.
The 21/07/2021 by Infotraffic .
Our materials and services were for the first time exposed in Columbus-Ohio during the 13th and 14th of July for the annual conference, trade show and exhibition of the Ohio Parking Association. That annual trade show gathers once a year every local actor of the state, from p...
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Years and years of trust reflected in a commercial partnership
The 15/05/2021 by Infotraffic .
Infotraffic Inc. and Logic-contrôle, supplier for the parking industry, equipped for years various parking facilities in eastern canada. The confidence and mutual reliance with that group, leader in security access and smart parking equipment take shape today with a commercial...
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Infotraffic System TV®: Our state-of-the-art technology in a player
The 15/03/2021 by Infotraffic .
Every aggregated data streamed on your digital signage solutions needs a player and a software in order to be broadcasted 24/7. To companies seeking for an easy solution to implement and use, Infotraffic can now address your needs thanks to our new reliable and design player. B...
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Infotraffic expertise on Dynamic pricing get published in the Parker Magazine
The 02/03/2021 by Infotraffic .
We must individually and collectively reconsider our mobility to sustain our future. It must evolve toward more autonomy, shared transportation, environmentally friendly and connected usage. Car Parks and dynamic pricing must integrate that new dimension because it will help ever...
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Will you be able to solve this equation ? E/C2 √-1 PV/nR = …
The 01/03/2021 by Infotraffic .
10 degrees on the termometer, snow was mostly covering the ground of New-England during that winter morning. But still, our technical staff manage to instal a new Infotraffic System TV® solution right in the heart of Cambridge at Kendall Square. That monitor now broadcasts road t...
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No more black screen nor error message
The 28/02/2021 by Infotraffic .
One of the main challenges regarding dynamic signage today is called continuity. When content must be updated regularly, as for real time information for instance, the quality of the network, and all the network infrastructure must be strong enough to support daily operations wi...
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The right tariff, at the right time for the right customer
The 10/02/2021 by Infotraffic .
Dynamic Pricing is the way forward to boost occupancy rate and operating incomes of your parking lots facilities. Last November, during the virtual conference and trade show of the Canadian Parking Association, Infotraffic presented every challenge and advantage of dynamic pricin...
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Infotraffic now offer personalized LED panels for indoor and outdoor broadcasting
The 29/01/2021 by Infotraffic .
In order to highlight on street visibility of its parking lot in Lyon (France), our long time partner Indigo wanted to upgrade and modernize its outdoor dynamic signage communication. Infotrafic France came up with an exclusive solution including LED panels for dynamic signage. ...
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When the integrator became value added partner
The 10/01/2021 by Infotraffic .
Infotraffic called Traffic & Safety last summer to monitor the integration of our Infotraffic Parking Solution® in various public parking lots in the City of Lansing, state capital of Michigan, United-States. The long-standing leader in the parking industry of the great lake reg...
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