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Management Simplicity

Master Screen Management: Simplicity and Serenity Ensured

Our digital signage software platform, designed to be user-friendly, provides an easy-to-use interface that transforms screen management into a seamless and intuitive experience. With just a few clicks, handle all your screens with astonishing ease. Choose peace of mind while elevating your communication to new heights.

Get Serenity
Capture attention

Boost Your Visual Impact: Optimal Content, Maximum Communication

Display any digital content remotely — be it striking images, captivating Ultra HD videos, or real-time content. With our digital signage software, customize your content to your wildest creative desires, providing a unique visual experience to captivate your audience. Plan your content at your convenience, highlighting specific messages at opportune moments. Get ready to maximize your impact and take your message to the next level.

Enhance Your Impact
Maximize your sales

Propel Your Profitability: Boost Your Revenue

Broadcast compelling content to build loyalty and forge lasting connections with your audience. Opting for dynamic pricing? Manage it seamlessly through our interface, staying aligned with market demand. With our solution, free up time and focus on what truly matters to make your business thrive with digital signage display.

Boost Your Sales

24 years of existence

Over 5000 screens installed worldwide

Serving 2000 users

Explore the Exceptional Features of Our Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Software - Upload a media

Broadcast the Content of Your Dreams

Our revolutionary platform grants you complete freedom in content dissemination:

  • Real-time Content: traffic status, public transportation data, weather, news with RSS Feeds…
  • Content-creation: Texts, images, compelling videos content, scrolling banners…
  • Dynamic pricing
  • PDFs, web-pages URLs, live webcam feeds

Our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive range of useful and entertaining media to reach the most receptive audience for your message. Bring your creativity to life, connect with your audience through diverse content, and create memorable visual experiences with our digital signage software.

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Digital Signage Software - Scenarios

Craft Impactful Scenarios

Forge impactful scenarios and unleash your creativity without constraints. Leave behind the limitation of broadcasting content one by one. With our group creation feature, broadcast everything simultaneously: captivating images, impactful texts, real-time data… The possibilities are endless! Save precious time while ensuring a seamless dissemination of your content.

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Digital Signage Software - Multizone

Maximize Every Inch of Your Screen with Multizone

Imagine creating as many zones as you desire on your LCD screen, each broadcasting different content. With our digital signage software, this possibility becomes reality, allowing you to optimize the available space on the screen. Cover your screen with useful and entertaining information, captivating your audience at every moment. Redefine visual communication and let each zone tell a unique story with our easy drag and drop solution.

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Digital Signage Software - Broadcasts with Scheduling

Master Your Broadcasts with Scheduling

Imagine having the power to decide when each message reaches its peak, at the date and time that resonates best with your strategy. Broadcasting scheduling becomes effortless, where every moment is a strategic opportunity. And that’s not all: prioritize content for a limited time during specific events, providing maximum relevance.

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Digital Signage Software - Sleep mode

Manage Screen Sleep Mode

Independently configure the sleep mode of your multiple screens to save energy and time. Not using your screens at night? With our content management system, you can decide to automatically turn off your screens from a certain hour and turn them back on when you want, all with just a few clicks!

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Digital Signage Software - Multiaccount

Multi-Account: Precise and Decentralized Management

Do you have multiple geographical sites with digital signage displays? Associate the right content manager with their location using Multi-Account: the New York manager won’t be able to control the screens in Boston with our digital signage software. Manage user access as you see fit and delegate screen management accurately!

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We understand that every industry has its unique challenges and specific requirements. If our current features don’t perfectly align with your needs, we’re ready to create and develop a unique feature, exclusively crafted for your industry. Our development team is prepared to collaborate closely with you, comprehending your specific requirements and designing a tailored feature.

Innovation knows no bounds.

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Additional Features

Role Management

Pricing History

Update History

Price Forecasting

Dynamic Pricing Management

Fault Management

Grouping, Filtering, and Advanced Screen Search

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A Powerful Digital Signage Software Thanks to Our Player

Digital Signage Player

Delivered with our SaaS tool (Software-As-A-Service), the synergy between our Media Player and the CMS provides exceptional execution power. Compact and easy to integrate, our digital signage player ensures constant reliability, guaranteeing efficient management and smooth dissemination of your digital signage content. Deploy it now!

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