Rome Airports integrated System TV's digital parking solution

to optimize occupancy and revenue
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Case Study: Rome Airports x System TV

About Rome Airports

Rome, the Eternal City, boasts two major airports: Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO) and Ciampino-G.B. Pastine International Airport (CIA). These airports serve as crucial hubs connecting millions of passengers from around the globe to the heart of Italy. Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO) is the largest and busiest airport in Italy, handling a significant portion of international traffic. Its modern terminals and efficient operations make it a key entry point for travelers visiting Rome and beyond. Ciampino-G.B. Pastine International Airport (CIA), situated closer to the city center, primarily caters to regional and low-cost carriers. Despite its smaller size, Ciampino plays a vital role in Rome’s air transport network, offering convenient access and facilitating smooth travel experiences for passengers.

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Rome Airports challenge

The Challenge: Dynamically display daily parking rates for 35 entry and exit lanes at Rome Airports' car parks

Rome Airports were seeking totems for dynamically displaying daily parking rates to be installed at the 35 entry and exit lanes of their car parks, covering more than 19,000 parking spaces.They were looking for a product that meets specific technical criteria, including suitable technology for outdoor information display, reliability in various weather conditions, tailored design, impact resistance, ease of maintenance, and components capable of continuous operation.

How to integrate a technological solution for dynamically displaying parking rates, while ensuring operational reliability, durability, and ease of maintenance?


System TV's outdoor totems and SaaS platform to monitor them

Rome Airports chose System TV totems to dynamically display daily parking rates to their customers. Our outdoor totems feature 49-inch full HD/4000cd monitors and players, ensuring vibrant displays even in bright sunlight. Crafted from sturdy 20/10 steel with epoxy paint and a 6mm tempered glass screen, these totems are built to last. Equipped with thermostats and fans, they maintain optimal operating temperatures for continuous performance. With screens and players designed for over 50,000 hours of operation, they guarantee reliability year-round, 24/7. Engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, our outdoor solutions have been successfully installed and maintained in challenging locations like Ottawa, Ontario, Lansing, Michigan, and Courchevel in the French Alps. Additionally, our online management platform provides remote monitoring for every display, offering real-time control through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Rome Airports solution


Increased revenue through parking occupancy optimization and enhanced customer experience

In Rome Airports, System TV’s turnkey solution plays a crucial role in automating parking rate programming, helping operators and owners improve parking occupancy and generate more revenue. Our solution is essential for implementing pricing strategies and adopting a yield management approach. Additionally, System TV solution seamlessly integrates and communicates with PARCS equipment at Rome Airports, ensuring smooth coordination and operation throughout the parking infrastructure.

Rome airports benefits

Ultimately, System TV's solution provides Rome airports with efficient parking management, revenue optimization, and enhanced customer experience, thus strengthening their position in the global airport landscape.

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Fabio Calandri

Head of Business & Product Development

ADR (Aeroporti di Roma) is very satisfied. They are now very confident with this solution that manages itself. We can also say that they increased revenue in an important way.

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