The City of Lansing (MI) implemented System TV’s digital parking solution

to modernize its parking lot appearance
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Case Study: City of Lansing x System TV

About City of Lansing

Lansing is the capital of the U.S. state of Michigan. According to the 2020 census, the city has a population of 112,644, ranking it as the sixth most populous city in the state. The population of its metropolitan statistical area (MSA) is the third largest in the state after metropolitan Detroit and Grand Rapids.

About City of Lansing
Challenge - City of Lansing

The Challenge: Bring the City of Lansing parking lot into the 21st Century

The City of Lansing, state capitol of Michigan, owns and manages various parking lots across town. Achieving this through a strong and reliable commitment to better serve Lansingite and their visitors.
The City wanted to improve the appearance of their parking, and singularly the general city appearance to visitors, tourists or citizens. As a matter of fact for municipalities, public parking lots are the entry way or the front doors for whoever is coming into town. Therefore a complete make-over project was initiated in 2017, involving 3 downtown parking lots. The City of Lansing was looking for a third party capable of providing a welcoming and changeable messaging solution, (to illuminate parking lot entries like Christmas trees as some would say). A solution providing a real doorway aesthetic.

How can the city of Lansing transform and modernize its parking lot appearance?


A welcoming and innovative tool

System TV and its turnkey solution provided users with messages about parking situations (ramp closure, lot full), visual of the lot, public and personalized city’s announcements of many kinds (holidays, weather…) and finally rates. To do so, city managers and operators upload and program various visuals, personal messages and parking rates using System TV’s online management platform. Then, it is displayed at the entrance of the lot using a weatherproof digital solution that is sleek and clearly visible to drivers, eliminating the need for constantly reprinting windmasters and static signage

System TV even implemented marquee signs (landscape monitors) for a higher visibility on street, before drivers head up to the entrance of the parking lot, a new way to continuously communicate and update drivers.

Lansing digital signage


A solution that relates to owners' care and the importance of welcoming visitors

By digitally displaying banners, daily messaging, rates and other services offered by the city, System TV creates a new and entirely enhanced level of customer experience. The City of Lansing now showcases its investment, care and professionalism through System TV solutions. The turnkey solution features remote access of all digital content, online monitoring of signage solutions and maintenance. System TV’s software perfectly integrates the pre-existing PARCS on site to ensure streamlined business operations with the revenue control systems. Lastly, the city can now market each parking lot in various ways (monthly subscription, special events…) and optimize business operations.

The City of Lansing utilizes System TV's Parking solution to modernize the appearance of its parking lots, dynamically communicate with citizens, and digitally display rates. This allows for convenient switching between daily rates and special rates such as early bird or event rates.

city of lansing

Chad Gamble

Parking Manager - City of Lansing

For municipality such as ours, System TV solutions are all about proving that we are taking care of citizens and visitors, make them feel a warm and safe welcome. The solution is a visual information and confirmation of investment in care that the municipality is having towards citizens and visitors, it’s definitely a set-up of professionalism.

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