Boston Children’s Hospital installs System TV solutions

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Case Study: Boston Children’s Hospital x System TV

About Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) is a nationally ranked, freestanding acute care children’s hospital located in Boston, Massachusetts. With more than 40 clinical departments and 258 specialized clinical programs, Boston Children’s is one of the largest pediatric medical centers in the United States. It provides a complete range of health care services for children of all ages, and in some cases, it can offer fetal interventions and treatments for adults.

Boston Children's Hospital

The Challenge: Keep the Hospital users updated with live travel data

Traffic congestion in Boston, especially in the downtown area, can be really chaotic. BCH has been searching for a solution to keep users (mostly visitors and families) updated about road traffic conditions and the various options available on mass transit once they begin their commute from the Boston Children’s Hospital facilities. Printed or static maps were initially considered but were ultimately deemed unsustainable and economically inefficient solutions.

How to communicate real-time mobility information to Boston Children's Hospital users?


Display System TV solutions in high user traffic areas

Boston Children’s Hospital has installed System TV solutions in areas with high user traffic: near elevators and walkways leading to vehicles or close to exits for accessing public transportation. Road traffic conditions, public transportation schedules (bus and subway), Blue Bikes, and Zipcar (bike and car-sharing) options are displayed alternately, along with weather updates, to enhance the customer experience and mobility choices for users.

solution BCH


Helpful, reliable and TDM compatible

Let’s hear Jim Smith, department manager of parking, reception, and commuter services, share his insights on System TV solutions

“For a complex organization like ours, or in a congested city like Boston, it’s definitely helpful to have live data on mass transit availability displayed in our facilities. Users, visitors and so on can identify available commuting options they have in the Boston area.

I would recommend System TV solutions for every aspect stated previously and also the fact that no maintenance is required, we haven’t touched it since we implemented it two years ago. The solution is relatively simple to use and reliable in the long run.

Lastly, System TV solutions fit perfectly in the TDM (Transportation Demand Management) plan asked by the states of Massachusetts for employers. That ordinance requires companies to reduce the SOV rates (Single Occupancy Vehicle) of their employees. Providing information about traffic conditions and ultimately promoting the use of public transportation is one way. Classic actions can be taken like printing bus maps or installing bike storage cages. But modern and efficient solutions like the installation of electric car chargers or displaying live travel information for commuting are much more in compliance with the state requirements and sustainable”

BCH benefits

Boston Children's Hospital uses System TV solutions to provide information on various available mobility options, to promote the use of public transportation and sustainable mobility and finally to comply with the TDM plan required by the state of Massachusetts

boston children hospital

Jim Smith

Department Manager - Parking, Reception & Commuter Services

The solution is relatively simple to use and reliable in the long run. No maintenance is required, we haven’t touched it since we implemented it two years ago.

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