"Infotraffic's transportation display is so convenient and helpful! I take a quick look before leaving the office and I'm able to make an informed decision about how to get to where I want to go. The information is presented clearly, in real time, and gives me all my transportation options at once."
Sara Mruz, Community Leader, CIC Cambridge
"The Infotraffic display is right in our lobby and provides our employees, clients and visitors with traffic updates that improve the commute to their next destination. We're also able to customize the display to add our own messaging and business news updates. It has been a simple addition to our office that has offered many benefits."
Alexandra Suhas, Partner, Axelia Partners
"Infotraffic's Parking Solution is a great tool and the sign certainly heightens the awareness and gives it some brightness. The team has been great about building rate grids for the sign and we've seen a 4% increase in revenue since last year."
Todd Gilbert, General Manager LAZ Parking